Totally blown away being awarded 2nd place in the IPA. 


Into the Blue - The Book?

A lot of people have said I should make a book of the Iceland Infrared images. With this in mind I plan to self publish a fine art book of my favourite images from the trip along with the stories behind the shots. The limited edition book will be available in a few months and will be printed in Iceland by Oddi.  

Let me now if anyones interested in seeing this? 



“Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.”

A quote from George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones.


My first image from Morocco and the wonderful picturesque Aït-Benhaddou. 

When it comes to landscape images i have no real problem of tweaking something here or there to make it look more appealing to my eye and the vision i get from being in the situation at the time, i'm forever disappointed on location thinking 'ah man if that tree was a few more inches to the left' so in times like this, what is considered 'right and proper'? My answer to this is - do whatever makes you feel comfortable, obviously this only really comes to fruition if and when the situation allows. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable applying this thinking to a documentary portrait image, but to a landscape image, i have no qualms. I grade my images to my vision at the time and what I want to achieve from the narrative within the picture. Thats the most important prerequisite for me. What does the picture tell you? I get this right... I'm happy. 

Hey - not forgetting, just sometimes it really can be just a simple case of being in the right time at the right place. Driving past a scene and thinking, in five minutes time... that will make the shot. 

Happy looking. :) 


  Aït-Benhaddou / Mono Square Infrared


Aït-Benhaddou / Mono Square Infrared

  Aït-Benhaddou / Screen Grab RAW ƒiles. 


Aït-Benhaddou / Screen Grab RAW ƒiles. 

"Language is a virus from outer space"

A quote from William Burroughs that sticks with me from my uni days. 

My images of Iceland seem to be going very well indeed, viral even.
I've been inundated with requests, comments, features and articles. From the Icelandic tourist board, 500px, lomography and Esquire to name just a few. It's lovely to sit back and smile at all this fuss while I get ready for Morocco. 

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New site, first site...site with pics and prints...oooo

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